Refreshing the  Spirit

Healing your mind,  body and spirit


I am a healer, psychic intuitive and healing masseur. 

I offer a variety of of healing, body work, and spiritual and psychic guidance, so that you may feel more at home in yourself, more balanced, with a clearer sense of purpose and altogether renewed.

Each of us has a spirit within.  Much like our body, if we don't take enough care of our spirit that will affect our whole life.

 A healthy spirit in a healthy body Is a recipe for a good and happy life. 

Yet our daily lives and past experiences can cloud our spirit. Every now and again our spirit needs to be refreshedcalmed and enlivened. That it is what I set out to do for my clients.

Here are the services I offer

I can provide these separately or in combination in an extended session

Varieties of Healing

Spiritual healing, Reiki and Energy healing

Psychic and Spiritual Readings

Helpful, insightful readings to understand current situations and future possibilities

Healing Massage `

  Gentle massage with       healing energy   

What clients have said

Whenever I have felt the need to sort myself out, to disentangle from a knotty problem and heal it, I have gone to see Cornelius first. He listens and seems to know intuitively what is going on inside me and how to deal with it. I have not met anyone like him.

You made me feel so much better, more at home in myself,  more at ease
-Martha, Oxford

You showed me why I had problems with a consultancy client. Suddenly everything became clear
- Mike, Kew Gardens