My path to healing and psychic readings

A winding path to what I do today

The first part of my professional life was as a journalist and writer in the fields of business, management, science and design. During that time I met hundreds of people, many of whom introduced me to new ways of thinking and understanding the world.

In parallel with that I learnt, studied and experienced different forms of healing, psychic awareness and spirituality. And I'm still learning. As a child I sensed another world beyond this one, and in adulthood that continued,  but it  is only in the last 15 years that I've come to understand what .that means more deeply. I've also learnt that in centuries past some of my ancestors were spiritual leaders and healers in England and in the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East.

I became a healer at the suggestion of a friend of mine who was a healer and a shaman, joining her healing group which eventually led to my becoming a certified healer of the International Church of St Paul.

Meanwhile I discovered a psychic ability to help friends with professional or personal problems which then led me to the Kingston School of Psychic Studies, where I learnt to use oracle cards as an additional source of information when helping my friends.

Employee #1



I can provide my services from a consulting room or I can come to you.

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Balance, calmness and peace of mind

The ideal that we all strive for

My aim is to provide you with an oasis of calm, and if you come fro a reading a better understanding of where you are. 

Part of my spiritual heritage

For several centuries some of my forbears were rectors and spiritual leaders in the village of Farnborough, Oxfordshire,  building this house in 1749.