Quick Overview

In summary

As a healer my aim is to refresh your spirit with spiritual healing to enable your body, mind and spirit to be more peaceful. And to bring more love into your life.

As a psychic my aim is to give helpful and insightful information aided by the spiritual guidance that i receive. My focus is on you and your current situation, showing you  what you need to consider and what you need to think about, rather than saying this or that will happen, though I can suggest possibilities based on your current pathway. After all it is your free will that will play the major part in your life. 

Contact: cornelius@refreshingthespirit.co.uk  07833 957744


What clients have said:

Cornelius' reading was amazing; he confirmed that I was starting out on a new path, but that I had to be more focused .It was the advice I needed. Meyer, Feltham

Cornelius showed me that I needed to understand things with my heart as well as my mind, which I haven't been doing because of painful experiences in the past, and that I would be able to start afresh this year. Brenda, Wallingford