Three Offerings

Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing.  

Psychic and Spiritual Readings.  

Healing Massage    


 I provIde three distinct services each of which begins with a discussion of what your needs are.

None of them should be used as a replacment for ongoing medical, physiotheropeutic or pyschotherapeutic treatment.

Varieties of Healing

I provide hands on healing and hands off healing

  • My principal service is spiritual healing which is healing where hands are placed on the body, usually on the back.
  • I can also offer hands off energy healing, which is healing  o f the energy flows around the body.
  • Later this year I will be offering reiki healing.

What all these types of healing do is to clear, rest and balance the energies of the body.

Psychic and Spiritual Readings

Using psychometry (reading energetic signals from objects you carry on a daily basis(, oracle cards used in a very unusual and unique way , and guided spiritual intution, I offer insights into your currrent life, its circumstances, the people in your life and possible pathways ahead. I will seek to show you:

  • Aspects of your life that you need to look at 
  • Different ways of being that you may want to consider, such as being more focused or taking  decisions more carefully, or being more loving to yourself and others
  • An understandimg of some of the people around you 

Healing Massage

I practice a gentle form of massage to which I add healing energy.  This is quite different from conventional forms of massage,  especially Swedish and deep tissue massage, which tend to be deeper and stronger.